What is Datathon?

Datathons are where problems, data and multi-disciplinary teams meet.
The participating teams design and develop solutions for your problem, by analyzing and visualizing data in a given time.
Datathons can be held both online and in-person.

Datathons are for organizations that:

  • want to see the possibilities of data for their problems
  • want to get help from data specialists
  • want to maximize the engagement from wide audience

How does it work:

1. The problem and datasets is revealed.

2. Teams of specialists join the Datathon and submit their solution.

3. Winning project gets selected.

Possible Data Solutions

The solutions from Datathons can be:


  • Data platforms
  • Interactive & static data visualizations 
  • Data stories (data journalism piece)

What we offer

Dataset preparation

we will help you collect new datasets and clean it

Design of Datathon

we will take you
from ideas to plans

Datathon platform

you can use our platform and templates to engage your audience

Participation management

we will help you spread the word and manage their participation

Further development support

we have team of developers and designers to support you

Selection of winning projects

we will help you find judging panel with our judging process


  • Get data products made by teams of specialists
  • Engage specialists and a wide audience with your problem and mission
  • Select the best solution and team and develop it further
  • Potential for industry and national press coverage


Case Studies

Datos, Dinero y Partidos

Data Campfire worked with Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente transform data into insights and stories about spending and income of political parties in Chile. We engaged 50 people who are data scientists, designers, journalists and web developers. In total 7 data projects (including data platforms, infographics) were created.

Making Government Spending Visible to the Public

Data Campfire organized an online Datathon, funded by World Bank together with Observatorio del Gasto Fiscal and Chilean National Congress. The objective was to turn government spending data into visuals and narratives, therefore making it more understandable to Chilean citizens. In total we engaged 260 people around the world,
and 11 teams submitted their data projects. 

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