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Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente

Data Campfire worked with FCI to engage the community of data scientists, designers and journalists, in order to gain insights and tell stories from data about spending and income of political parties.

Event Management, Facilitation & Marketing | Application Management

Cadem Research

Cadem has been developing custom market research for marketing and innovation for over 30 years in Chile. We created data visualisation libraries for their dashboards so that they can have better insights.

Dashboard Development | D3 components | React.js | Victory.js

Observatorio Fiscal (Chile) & World Bank

In May and June 2018 we hosted an online Datathon with Observatorio del gasto fiscal en Chile, "Making government spending visible to the public".

Event Design, Management & Marketing


Data Campfire delivered a workshop for the first VISDatos Data Visualisation Seminar in Santiago, Chile hosted by the School of Design of the Catholic University of Chile.

Workshop Design | Workshop Facilitation

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a digital creative business school with presence in Sweden, Brazil, UK, US, and Singapore. We hosted a workshop for the part-time Masters program in London.

Workshop Design | Workshop Facilitation

Scientists for EU

In 2016 we hosted a 2-Day Datathon with Scientists For EU - "Immigration by Numbers" to create impactful and true data stories about immigration and the UK.

Event Design, Management, Facilitation & Marketing

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